Come join my custom games!

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If you’re having trouble hosting a full game of custom games or just trying to find one, play with me. My lobbies are usually full within 4 minutes of my first invite. I have various mini-games and flood gametypes. I throw in a competitive map (slayer) in there once in a while but mostly mini-games and flood. Custom games will usually last about 2-3 hours which is a nice thing. Meaning some people will leave giving a chance for others to join. My gamertag is “Lest n marv”, but it’s much more preferable if you follow me on twitter @LDaveEvan because that’s where I tell everyone when I host custom games. Twitter followers will be the first to be invited to my custom games. Please have good internet connection, nobody likes lag :stuck_out_tongue:

Gamertag: Lest n marv
Twitter: @LDaveEvan <-----------Preferable