Come join a sponsored gaming community

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Hey come join a really great video gaming community. We currently have 390 members. We hold tournaments often for microsoft points and other prizes. We recently picked up two corporate sponsors through Bawls Energy Drink and -Yoink!- Energy Drink. We’re currently looking to gain more sponsorships through other companies. We’re a respectful community trying to provide a safe haven for gamers to have fun playing the games they love, wile being free from trash talk, tea bagging and other disruptive and unwanted behavior. Our ultimate goal is to eventually be big enough to where we can give back to the community. We plan to some day put Xbox’s in hospitals for children with different ailments so they can use video gaming as some sort of social outlet. Check us out. or message FDS DarkSide, FDS Spawn, FDS ixAny, or FDS o Dial Up o; on Xbox live.

Please do not create multiple recruiting threads. Drug references are against forum rules.