come check us out @, and JOIN BLUE

-We are a war simulation community centered in the HALO universe and video games.
-There are two armies, REDD and BLUE and they fight over certain maps on Sundays at 6PM EST. Their objective is to fight their way through a war map and conquer the enemy army’s capital.
-There are a variety of gametypes used, from Slayer to Oddball to CTF and KotH
-Our community is over 7 years old (since the days of Halo 2) and has approximately 250 members and is growing each day
-You will start out as a private and will be placed in a squad, but you will have the ability to rank up and possibly lead a squad, company, battalion, or even army in the future
-If your currently the leader of a squad/clan, you can still join, and be the leader of your squad.
-You can bring friends and will be able to play together.
-You must go through a mandatory boot camp
-It is a guarantee that you will make friends in our community.
-We have a fancy forum board where the entire community can socialize and post updates
-We have podcasts, a Forge department, a web department, graphics department, and media department that we encourage people to join and help out. Rewards can be received for doing some cool stuff.
-We host tournaments and community game nights, sometimes we even have prizes in the form of Microsoft Points or T-shirts, and we also encourage members to create their own fun tournaments or game nights.
-You are NOT required to change your armor color, emblem, or gamertag to join
-We have some semi-pro players who are always open to helping new players out with training and scrimmages. People who join FC are guaranteed to get better at the game, whether it be through skill or strategy
-Come test your skills!, and join blue!

once you join, post in the BLUE Enlistment thread, and put your reffered by: JamieDJ8887

BLUE field marshal (leader) here, we’re always looking to keep growing, and welcome any and all people interested! We hope you come have a look, even if you ultimately decide it’s not for you. We, the Brotherhood Legion of United Exiles need YOU to help us defeat the REDD menace. The Royal Enforcer Deployment Division cannot be allowed to claim any more territory for the Empire.

Just pointing out Jamie that we do have an official Forerunner Conflict recruiting thread up and as per Waypoint rules, we’re only allowed to have one thread up. >.>