Come back on Halo 5 after 6 months

and i have to say it’s pretty good, servers are betters and it’s smooth.

Graphics are great for a Xbox One game.

I remember the campaign was ok, and the matchmaking was … hmmm i don’t know :confused:

But now i recognize it is soooooo much better than Halo 4.

My top Halo online in the order is H3 - H1 - H2 - H5 - HR - H2A - H4

The problem with H5 is no “veto”, i didn’t play the new map Torque 1 single time after 1 week playing H5 why ?
And i only play everytime the same 5 maps (Eden, Truth, Empire, Plaza, The Rig) sometimes it gives me 3 times in a row the same map and the same gamemode WTF ???

Another thing the lack of gametypes ! I would love to have a playlist without radar and power (noob) weapons like the sword/shotgun/Hydra/Saw… like Classic, MLG, Hardcore, or whatever but a mode without automatic weapons or AR, but only BR/DMR/Pistol/Snipe/Rocket…

The last thing cause yes it’s true, the automatic guns are a little bit too good or powerful. I think with just a little bit nerf for it, Halo 5 would be peeerfect =)

PS: The H5 Pistol is the best thing that 343i has made by far (This is the Halo that i like ! It’s like the BR of H3, the DMR of Reach, the Magnum of CE).


I’m glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

I’m loving Infection right now but feel it sorely needs a map veto option.

So Halo is still great and alive…

343i and H5 are not that bad, i was wrong.

I played the real H3 on 360 after years just before it, and it was so good that i gave another shot to H5. And I don’t know what i want now for H6 or the next Halo lol.

H3 is so good omg and fun and skill :0

But i like H5 too now so… i don’t know =)

I recently came back after a few months as well, and I’m enjoying the game so much more. I think it’s really easy to burn out though in Halo 5, probably due to the lack of non-ranked playlists. WZ, BTB, Grifball, Infection, etc. are all great social playlists but I think just a little more variety and we will be golden.

As for veto, I really hated that option in the previous Halos and MCC. Most of the time only the popular maps will be picked and other decent maps will almost never be played on. With random map selection, no matter how bad the current system is, at least it allows for each map to be played sometime down the road.

The problem is that veto is a part of Halo !

And it doesn’t work too ! I’m sorry but it doesn’t work like i said in the thread cause i only play the same 5 maps EVERYTIME in Halo 5.

Why i still never played the map Torque after 1 week on Halo 5 wtf ???

welcome back glad you’re enjoying it.