Combat Readiness Program

will there be one in h5? ive been playimg cod aw and it is a good game but, like in halo, im constantly beimg slaughtered by players who are unbelievely good. i recently discovered the readiness program in aw. it is nice because everyone is a noob and you can actually have have fun playing with folks who are truely on my level. lets face it the ranking system in halo just doesnt work.

by how it was in halo 2&3, it might just be on skill level. so at the beginning of the game’s cycle it will be extremely hard to win, but as the good players move up, it will be easy and allow you to progress at your own rate.

I hope it is like this.

In order for a Halo 2/3 rank system to work, there must consistently be large numbers of people online searching for new matches.

Halo 5 most likely will not carry the sufficient population-size for a true h2/h3 rank system after 6 months. Which is unfortunate because Halo used to be a blast, lots of people played each one for years, and the ranking systems were (and still would be) top-notch.