Combat has not Evolved & a blueprint on how to keep players online beyond 1 month

This is what Halo 4 should have been in 2012, simply not evolved enough and no where near a product of 6 years in the making & half a billion budget. Having said that, I have enjoyed playing the few maps there is and to keep players playing longer than 1 month, here is the secret sauce (or not so secret & not so difficult) recipe.

343 If you implement the below, you will have a successful game. If you add on top of it more evolved physics and dynamic environments you have the best game out there.

Here we go - blueprint:

Split objectives & Slayer
I see a lot of people leaving when they see it’s an objective game or people not playing the objective

Introduce Weekly Playlist Updates
Was disappointed not to see doubles or king of the hill at launch but makes sense if we have a weekly playlist

Introduce Monthly New Maps & With More Dynamic (There aren’t enough)

Introduce each season new abilities & new weapons & vehicles
Spartan Laser, Shotgun (Real one) etc…

Introduce Battle Royale & Modification of weapons for it
If you say Halo doesn’t need a BR, don’t play it. I loved Halo 2 & 3 but me and my friends enjoy BR for the last two years. Halo could have the best BR without a doubt, the sandbox is perfect for it.

Display everything in a nice roadmap, so we know what to be excited for and keep them regular enough.

Have shorter seasons & faster progression

Introduce Collision

Also a bug:

  • On Series X, If I turn off xbox with Halo on & restart xbox later, I have to quit game or it won’t connect me to multiplayer.