Combat Evolved Playlists?

So since the multiplayer included with Halo:CEA is going to be 6 remade maps and a separate playlist exclusively to resemble the original multiplayer. What can we hypothesize about the playlist? What game variants will they’re be? Will we be able to jump higher and move faster like in the campaign, when were playing in this playlist? Is it safe to assume there will be no AA’s? Is there anyway for them to include the BR and pistol since they’re putting out an update for reach as well. If not, is it a possibility for them to atleast remove bloom?

Basically, lets sculpt a realistic picture of what this playlist is going to include.

all of the above!

Same default weapons with massive tweaks to their functionality. I’d expect a Halo 1 Pistol gametype. Also the movement speed and everything should be spot on with one of the older Halo games (It’s not known whether it’s 1/2/3)

Basically the main layout will be around 5-6 main playlists (Slayer, Objective, Big Team Battle, Free For All, etc.) with some pretty significant changes to the gameplay.