Colour of "Death-X" for mates should be red

When a mate dies there should be red X on the screen at the deathpoint instead of the colour of your team.

I recognized that sometimes you just did not get if he died or not because there was no red sign as usual.

I don’t think it needs to be red. But I definitely needs to be larger, have more contrast, and persist longer. Hopefully this feature is still a WIP, because I’m sure they already learned this lesson during H4.

Ya, color isnt an issue (plus not everyone can see red). It just needs to be more prominant as ^ stated

I agree. I think the issue is there is way to much stimulation as it is on Halo infintie. With the new friend or foe system, the constant chatter from the AI. ITs hard to pay attention to all the stuff. I think infinite needs to go back a few generations and remove some of this over stimulation. I think the red X, or a red skull or something would be fine. But highlighting allies and enemies constantly probably makes that difficult to stand out and notice anyway.