Colour Issue/glitch? with Infection

I think it seems to occur when you have lights (orange/yellow kind of colours only?) on your map. Basically you know how the infected have a green filter, well that filter combined with the lights makes the infected see pink/purple instead of yellow/orange. You can see this on the Drill map (look at the orange pipes, they are pink as infected) and backwoods (fire becomes pink as infected).

On the map im making this is a huge issue.

Here is the view as a human

Here is the view as the infected

Note: i did make a post about this the other day with no replys but now i photos to show

My guess is that it’s due to the filter effect that you have when you’re infected. It’s not a gamebreaking issue, but I can definitely see how annoying it can be when you’re trying to make a map with a certain colour palette.

Well it basically means there can be no desert infection maps like sandtrap…which would suck