Since Halo 4 seems much more custom with their Spartans (which I love), do you think that there will be more of a variety with colors? Maybe they’ll have a color wheel or something? That would be awesome. What I was thinking would be awesome too is if you can choose where your colors go (rather than just the game randomly placing your secondary colors, depending on the armor you choose).

There’s no color wheel sadly, and its most likely going to follow the tradition of primary and secondary colors. Sorry

So it’ll just have the same colors for Reach’s? Is this confirmed by 343?

I don’t believe theirs a color wheel but In one of the multiplayer commentary games the guy mentioned that there are a lot more colors. plus with armor skins it you definetly individualize your spartan a lot more.

I believe there are more colors, we’ve seen screenshots of it and people who’ve played it said something along those lines.

Okay, well if there’s more colors, that’s better. Seeing as Reach didn’t have all that many.

I’m okay with being relatively limited on color choices as long as they stay bright. While I did enjoy Reach’s customization, I didn’t enjoy the muddier colors quite as much. I understood why they went with that palette for that game, but it’s nice to see the bright, popping colors that were in H3 coming back in H4.