Colors selection and coatings coexistence

It is simple for each armor “core” the default look the armor has before any customization should be the standard texture and allow the player to choose the primary and secondary color. For example on Mk 7 the default armor, all the “metal is grey” from head to toes, that is the primary color and the secondary can be the shoulders armor and some detail on the helmets. Attachments can depend on whether they are non affected, or primary/secondary. This is how Halo Reach did it, which worked well.

While coatings are full armor core coverage that we have now that will give the texture and appearance update from the default look.

In a way think the scorpion coating that is black mostly in the middle and red on the shoulder/arm. That’s how standard color selection would look, maybe excluding the whole arm being red and just the shoulders and helmet details being red. While the cyber showdown coating and the “iron man” coating would be how coatings stand out from the standard color selection.

Standard color selection gives you the simple color pallet like past games, while coatings give the updated non default appearance with the wide range of colors/textures.


I was saying this too we could have the option to have color selection like in other games and armor coating would be are way to have a more custom look with armor effects like weathering and more colors

Color selection would allow you to pick 2 or 3 colors max while armor coatings would have a minimum of 4 colors and max of 6 maybe even with decals and armor textures


343 missed a huge opportunity at full customization in infinite. We should be able to pick the color of every (nearly every) piece of armor we wear/have installed. I love how most of the armor colors available are literally just the same schemes but slightly different. Like you said, there are like 10 “gray” armor coatings. and they are all nearly the same minus small details like light colors or a graphing.


Yeah, simple color selection would eliminate the need to have so many of the same coatings for different and same cores, which would allow them to create the unique coatings that would actually stand out.

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The options I’m looking for:

Armor cores/

Color selector

Armor kits

Armor coatings


Helmet + max of 3 attachments


Right shoulder + max of 2 attachments

Left shoulder + max of 2 attachments



Chest attachments

Belt attachments


Arm attachments

Leg attachments

Armor effects

Spawn effects

Armor decals…

Also fully customisable prosthetics being able to change versions and colors and more unique body types like kat an jordges

Maybe even playable elites

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I just want the color white + black undersuit

They could have done armor coatings like they did them in Halo 5. If you guys remember for all intents and purposes that game had armor coatings. A set of armor had different patterns and textures available. Some armors paint jobs had four or more colors.


4 had this too, though it was treated as armour variants, same concept essentially, but a different execution of said concept

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That list looks great. Halo 5 we had selectable colors and distinct male and female body types, but limitation on armor customization to helmets and rest being a preset. Now infinite has the better armor customization, but no color selector and poor body type differences.