Color Matching Accessories

Do you think that we will ever see the ability to color match armor accessories?

As far as I have seen (aside from Armor kits), accessories like chest, wrist, and utility accessories do not change color regardless of armor coating. This is understandable for some accessories, but some take up a lot of space on your spartan and hide the coating you have chosen. I would like to see the ability or option to apply the armor coating to said accessories to keep that style that you are going for without having to unequip cool accessories.

An example would be the UA/M550D HALF PLATE Chest accessory or the MK59E CBRN/GLANCE Helmet Attachment for the Mk. VII Aviator helmet.
These both are very cool accessories and I would love to be able to have these match an armor coating that I have equipped.

What are your thoughts on this? This is not a complaint or a rant, but just a topic of discussion.

Thank you for joining me in this discussion!


For all they did in hyping up the coating system they sure made a lot of chest armor that covered it up lol.