Color Customization - Brown not dark enough


So looking at the armor customization for Halo 5 today on the thing Waypoint has now, and I have a problem.

The brown (the color I have used for every single Halo) is way, way too light.


Look at that. Its pretty much khaki.

I really hope that in-game it is darker.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I’m close to certain that the brighter colors are meant to avoid players being too dark to see in the game.

Same with the sage/darkest green, it’s still too light. Honestly the Past Halo games didn’t suffer this issue, even the stock blue in multiplayer looks darker than the brown and green.

Maybe the fact that the colours are not on a 3d rendered model, rather a customizable screenshot. You’ll have to find out what the real colours are in 7 days :slight_smile: