Colony update broke my game!

After downloading the colony update I’ve started halo wars 2 and it is constantly connecting and disconnecting me to the online service even though my connection is fine and am talking to people whilst it says there is a problem, I can’t play anything online, won’t even load my challenges or the side data panel which I assume shows the new leader, how can I fix this? I imagine there isn’t going to be a patch and it’s going to involve me redownloading the full 40gb.

Hey Exactly the same for me…

Can’t play since the update. Not even halo 5…


Seems my internet provider added a “shield” to my modem and I had to go in it and change the blocked settings from 13 years old to 18.

This was my issue… Seems it was added on Friday and didn’t come from the game.

It always kiking me and my friends out and making it hard too play

i have same problem. Connect me and disconnect from the servers