Collisions and general physics of the game

The game is awesome, it looks like it wil be one of the best Halo.

But where are collisions? Grenade/rocket jump? The “gravity” of the Gravity Hammer?
Physics is something that makes Halo… Halo.
And those problems are easy solvable… at least I believe.

Hope to 343i addressing this.

Hopefully it’s a bug and collision is in the final build.

I think it feels like a classic halo game without all the extra add ons that the newer games had. Which is a good thing in my book.

the thing that gets me is i have seen the repulsor launch warthogs and what not but the gravity hammer doesnt. i can only imagine its a glitch. as for collision i really hope it returns or games like infection are gonna suck with 12 people in one corner so you go to kill one and get hit with 12 shotgun blast.