[collective feedback] Not-so-much-talked-about beta feedback


  • Balance is off my brother’s and my poor ears explode everytime we die because we can’t hear footsteps otherwise
  • Getting shot is not alarming and in action not feeling proper
  • logitech drivers are cursed/bugged
  • can’t mute individual players, either all or none…


  • visual weighting and eye flow is missing big time in almost every wireframe/menu slice (trained eye in digital and conceptual media design)
  • Content is not aligned on the right
  • Pressing back button sometimes gets you in wrong loops
  • Friend list is A MESS, tried doing a cross play party with having a big list in both platforms GL
  • Thousand button presses and load times for editing armor, compare to reach
  • Adjusting settings should be navigatable with Bumpers to jump chapters/setting groups instead of like only 3 setting entries
  • switching left in tabs/down in lists should result in navigating to the most right option/first option in list and vice versa


  • being close to one shot isn’t clear enough. Halo had shields that would add volume to the shield the more %dmg it got and resulting in a shield explosion giving clear visuals that now is time to head shot. Currently confusing this state way to often with just having 2/3 br shots on the shield, Altough I no-life’ed every halo.
  • map designs are suffering same illnesses as h4/h5: it’s either a map inside some engine forge or really linear and pressing/close. Often feels like lack of meaningful verticality (low ground should be main gameplay ground level) imo a mix of environmental setting with closed structures is what’s missing. Think of Sansibar, sandtrap, waterworks, asylum.
  • Service record, commendation system to reward playstyle variety
  • if bonding and making community is xbox’s 20year core value maybe it would be interesting to implement reach’s search where you opted in being i. e. noisy/quiet/casual/skilled
  • Player count on a World map to bond and give feel of community
  • one x Veto system
  • post game stats kda numbers don’t display simple kda ratio
  • classic post game lobby to rematch with other players is not existent…
  • FOMO was stated to be avoided at all costs by 343. Challenges, shop rotation design and 90% of xp are locked behind FOMO right now…
  • shock/plasma pistols are in a weird spot
  • hydra and the other missile launcher look pretty generic/interchangeable in design, needs more distinctive values in its model appearance

Core of game is 10/10, weapon balance like Commando is pretty neat too if you get the close midrange right and spray control (+accepting no shield damage is 0 or head shot)

  • to map design: center of maps tend to be undesirable voids (highpower) unfun jails (fragmentation) or straight up blocked with walls (vehicle arena map). Mostly a little more space would be appreciated or actually do forge community maps an official community feature as soon as forge drops
  • UX suffers from search countdown getting interrupted when you do anything parallel to it. It also lacks a proper cancel mechanic as in previous titles
  • melee needs to be tweaked and looked at closely.
    Not only your hitreg feels short+clunky (also enemy hitreg literally can make them dash to you while you kept enough distance) but also there are situations where it creates different ttk windows in different scenarios leading up to insta kills or unexpected/unintuitive execution damage
    Also: you can melee while collision is off to get backsmacks by walking in enemy spartans…
  • “Service tag system”
    -give friendlies their service tag above them
    -remove outlines completely (new FoF system only causing confusion and being outline simulator)
    -rework visual clarity on being 1shot, shield being 100%, 50%, 20%,[…] to make shield add volume until they “plop”.
    You should be able to differ following states with the back of your eye (currently to identical):
    -“plop” state
    -low shield state
    -no shiel state
  • Casual needs to be !!no!!-skill based matchmaking”. Every match right now is an unfun demanding sweatfest. This needs to change, since its one stepstone towards good game design (low tension game states, right now you leave the base and get punished respectively your MMR/elo)
(Additional feedback) u/BakaStep's Concept
  • concept (by u/BakaStep on reddit) is so elegant, it needs to be seen at all cost. original post:
    https:// www .reddit .com/r/halo/comments/qxyw94/a_compromise_that_works_for_everyone/

Altough I didnt want to cover the repetitive same topics of feedback here, it is that elegant

  • would tone down AR on health dmg
  • also do something for the commando to have its place, could be a spot for long range by decreasing bloom when enemies are one shot or could be midrange by increasing its shield breaking making it the better choice for a sidekick finish
  • maybe one of the most important things: tickrate/desync optimazation (would be lovely to communicate infinite’s tickerate)
  • another one: keep close attention to melee mechanic. feels off a lot, jumping negates all melee dmg, inconsistent dashing and backsmacks
  • would like to map my start button on controller
  • currently no bind for push to talk on controller
  • when inspecting player card, no potion to show their profile or what platform that profile is on
  • pc red redicle could be turned on again, since theres already hackers anyways
  • sound from lous sources mastered too quiet. man cannon for example should be heard atleast to middle room entrance. currently completely silent
  • gungoose weaker than battle rifle, front cover needs to be a little better here