Collections question

If I want to get 100% of the inventory does that mean I need at least one of everything or is just for helmets, armor, stances, etc? In other words, does selling an uncommon weapon decrease my inventory percentage?

I believe you just need the customizables and the things for each weapon the little blue flag things, I can’t remember what there called sorry.

I’m not sure about the weapons but I would always keep just 1 for 100% req. that’s what I’ve been doing with my boost cards. I use them but I always keep one because I’m pretty sure if you use all of one card type you’re percentage goes down. Not entirely sure about weapons and vehicles though.

Just sold all of my energy swords (original) and I have the certification for it and I didn’t loose any percentage on it. IDK if that helps.

I have everything that can be unlocked from req cards unlocked the amount of each card you have doesn’t effect overall percentage

I noticed the same thing with the boosts, I was at 40% on boosts sold and used some and went and looked at them and I was down to 34% so if its a consumable like power weapon drops and boosts or power ups the percentage of them in your inventory will drop but you still maintain how many you have unlocked to use and receive in req packs. Also I noticed at the top of the boost screen it has a ratio counter like 12/72 in the top corner of the page you are looking at.

All you need is the certification. Your REQ in game must be so crowded if you keep 1 of everything! I sell obsolete ones usually when I get the upgrade

You can sell weapons, as long as you have certification, I believe the % tracks certification. Selling and using boosts will lower % of these.