Collection Conqueror

To be honest, I’m not quite sure. There wasn’t anything I didn’t recognise. I’ll have another look.

I had apparently unlocked an item for Infinite called “Collection Conqueror”, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where, and what it is? Thank you.

I think it could be the “crowned” nameplate

Been trying to find the answer but no luck. I don’t think anyone actually knows and they’re just spreading what they’ve heard

I frankly have no idea myself, but I have submitted a ticket to 343, and if they are able to produce an insightful reply, I’ll share my findings.

@HaloSupport on Twitter just tweeted to check again. All campaigns of all games on Legendary are done according to both MCC and the service record. I still have nothing :man_shrugging:

I also would like to know what I need to have completed for the reward.

I still don’t have the code and also have no idea what it would be for or what it would unlock…

According to Uny you’re supposed to get it for completing the 3 legendary campaigns in the MCC and it unlocks the Mark VI helmet weapon emblem.

But it seems bugged then since I did that and didn’t get anything

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Mine unlocked about 26 hours ago (according to my code redemption history). So perhaps they’ve tweaked the system. I would suggest checking again.

The nameplate is showing up in infinite for me.

I didn’t even know about this unlock until I read about it on here - a nice surprise.

Edit: 26 hours ago was the day after I completed ODST on Legendary though so perhaps that’s why it triggered it for me.

I collected every single one as well and have the same issue.

Where does one go to find this reward in Halo Infinite? For that matter, I can’t figure out where my MEGA Construx Coating is, either.

I still haven’t received mine, anyone know whom I could contact to get this sorted out?

Customize > Spartan ID > Nameplate
It has a front facing helmet on it.

@Thee_Bluejay did you check the Nameplates already?

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The mega construx coating is called action block

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It’s surprising to me they made a big deal out of the Halo 5 152 reward but have said basically nothing about collection conqueror. We are left to wildly speculate on what the requirements are. And I had to guess what it actually unlocked. I got mine. I completed all the campaigns on heroic through mission select, and did the Legendary Playlist for each.

To get the Collection Conqueror you just need to complete 3 campaigns on legendary and you will get the Mark VII Nameplate to use in Halo Infinite and its legendary rarity. :slight_smile:

How long does this take to show up? I realized I had only 4 missions left to finish 3 on legendary, so I finished yesterday.