Collectibles shouldn't be an incentive

One of the problems that I’ve seen in Reach and Halo 4 is that armor perms, commendations, and achievements are the incentive to play well past at least a month or so in the games life. Sure they’re nice to get, but they shouldn’t be put over gameplay. I’ve had friends who we’re more concerned about getting a few armor pieces than playing something they’d like.

This also brings into concern that there should be no playlist requirements in order to unlock something. Experience? Sure, that’s fine. But I believe that the best way to unlock things without having to subject oneself to less fun, should be to just have them be achievable through any and all playlists. Through things like kills, assists, and sprees.

I’m not saying that you can toss away the playlist commendations. But rather to not make any playlist a requirement to unlock something.

I’d appreciate that too. Armor as it is now is simply a carrot on a stick. It drives us forward but without developing any sort of independent motivation. Once gone we are left with merely an unsatisfied psychological dependency, which will probably drive us off onto some other game that can maintain the brainless drive for longer (BTW, I can heartily recommend Star Trek Online.)

Gameplay should definitely be the priority for all incentives and I’d go so far to say that ALL armor should be unlocked from the start to avoid as much as possible ANY feedback mechanisms from developing around non-game areas of the game.

Customization and collectables are king, you just can’t win. I like it as much as you do, but it’s the truth and you cannot avoid it.

I think people will naturally gravitate to doing things that directly reward them, which is why I think titles like CoD and to some extent Battlefield have undying replay-ability. I heavily credit the overwhelming amount of unlocks and weapon commendations to their longevity.

Lets face it, people don’t play to win as much any more and I challenge anyone to disagree with that. It’s all about individual progression, customization and satiating the need to unlock more.

Unlocks are also used as rudimentary trophies on the battlefield, boasting whatever achievement got you it in the first place, which to some degree adds a level of competition between peers (albeit shallow).

I don’t like all of it, but it’s here to stay.

I definitely agree. The game should be versatile and deep enough to play without any external incentives. Mind you, I have nothing against rewards if they get people to try new things in the game, but if the rewards are the only reason to play the game, there is something horribly wrong with the system.

But I’m afraid that the Skinner box nature of most games today is making people forget how to find the fun in a game instead of being told what’s fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if many players would find a game with few unlockables boring. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that one of the reasons qhy Halo 4 wasn’t succesful in long term was that the game is falling behind in terms of rewarding players.