Collaboration for Halo 4

I think that it would be appropriate to create a default thread for what we, the community, want the multiplayer and forge for Halo 4 to be. Feel free to add any suggestions that you feel would help create a fantastic multiplayer/forge mode. I will add ideas to the original post when a post seems to get a lot of positive feedback.

The only criteria I have for these suggestions is that they must keep the game a true Halo title. I know we all joke about Reach not being Halo, but in its core mechanics (such as click-zoom, fast movement speed*, medium-speed kill times*) it is consistent with past games. This means no posts asking for AK-47’s and Aiming Down Sights (Sorry CoD fans, but there is already a game for this).

I will add two posts below, one for multiplayer and one for forge.

*As compared to other First Person Shooters

-Ranked and Social Playlists
-Bots for Custom Games
-A large variety of unlockable armor

-The ability to change the color of forge pieces
-Barriers that are invisible during games (like a grid that is only visible in forge mode)

Bots for custom games.

> Bots for custom games.

I suppose a larger variety of unlockable armor pieces would be something. I’d also like to see unlockable pieces for every rank or two, and not be able to buy everything upon hitting Hero.

So, Larger pool of armor permutations with new ones being available for purchase, even in the way up there ranks.