(cold storage) forge on halo 3

You know just because halo reach came out and four will be out next year doesn’t mean that halo3 doesn’t have some beastly stuff. Especially all the stunts you can pull in forge. Like if you download cold storage you can block off the doors to the middle room and make and arena. I made a arena in cod storage where all the doors were blocked off but you could get inside the arena either by teleporting there or spawning there. And then i made the map all melee so that your weapons are energy swords grav hammers andspike grenades, a wepon set that is actuall pretty awesome. Then I made it so the only respawn points were on opposite sides of the arena and when you walked out of them you picked up a specially customized custom powerup. Grav lifts on each side allowed you to the high out of reach spots for suprise melee with either active camo or oversheilds. Spike grenades littered all over the arena so you never run out.

Cold Storage was awesome.

Nearly every single ridge, ledge, and indentation on that level was fully physical. There were very few invisible walls added to smooth things over, so you could perch weapons in some freaky places, and wedge walls between some of the decorative protrusions to make some crazy sniping platforms. I even managed to cram a small barricade into the gigantic crevasse in the Camo room’s ceiling to make an epic hidden platform.

Halo 3’s maps had infinitely more potential than any non-Tempest non-Forge-World map in Reach. I miss those times…