Coexistence of Old and New?

As always, everything I’m about to say is completely and utterly my opinion or my opinion based off of an observation in this case.

So we asked for a classic playlist/gametype/experience whatever, and were told we’d get one eventually. Well we ended getting Throwdown first, which is good, but I’d much have preferred a classic playlist first.

Why? The classic settings are competitive by nature, or at least in my eyes it appears so.

Everyone starts off an equal ground, whether it was Slayer or Slayer BRs. There were no perks to give a slight but somewhat noticeable advantage over others. No sprint or silly little AAs to get yourself out of a sticky situation. No little gimmicks like PODs or RODs to help the lesser skilled players keep up with the big boys.

I know I’m quite capable of putting in Halo 3 and having my kicks there, but why does a new game have to alienate part of their audience because the developers assumed everyone would enjoy the drastic changes?

A good game should cater to old fans while also providing a fresh new experience as well. Giving us the BR back does not count.

Anyways, a classic playlist would see the return of a competitive scene outside of Throwdown, enable old school players to have their cake and eat it alongside the ‘Infinity players’ and also, it’ll provide a good place for beginners to intermediate players to hone their skills before jumping in more competitive playlists.

My thoughts were more structured and detailed on this but putting it in words seems to have made it more or less odd and incoherent.