Coevanat Load out Mastery

Covenant load out mastery seems like the hardest commendation to get just because of the plasma pistol kills. It seems very time consuming and of course me being me challenged myself to complete it. Its just you get only 1 or 2 kills with the plasma pistol in a game(unless that one game I played where I got 10 kills with it)Its just lower their shields switch to plasma pistol and hope the pistol doesn’t over heat and they miss most if not all their shots. Doesn’t this commendation seem a bit impossible?
Side note: any know how many kills it takes to master plasma pistol I’m already adept.

Oh my gosh! A commendation for the Plasma Pistol?! Does every weapon have a commendation. Thats going to be very difficult.

Yeah, it’s supposed to be hard, but that’s part of the fun. The others seem plenty hard to me too. I don’t know the exact number of kills it takes to get to master, but you’re on th right track if you’re already adept.

And to respond to the poster above me, every weapon has a commendation.

It’s possible. Just kiss your k/d ratio goodbye.

> It’s possible. Just kiss your k/d ratio goodbye.

Hehe, its going to happen eventually. I will desire every commendation lol.