Codes still being received. Dont give up hope

First thing’s first, I like many people, raged over not receiving my code, got all mad at Microsoft and 343i (When truly this is mainly Microsoft’s doing whereas 343i has been left to clean up the mess) and even considered tossing the game and picking up COD. And I might still pick it up. But I can safely say that I am reunited with one of my favorite franchise.

I’d like to take this moment to thank 343i (NOT -Yoink!- lol) for following through, rather late unfortunately but still followed through for me.

I spent a decent amount of hours scowering the net for a code I could swipe either in a give away or maybe get lucky and score a trade for double xp. That didn’t pan out.

And right when I’d almost given up; right as I’m leaving my last post on a Gamefaqs thread giving away a code… boom… message from live.

It said “they noticed that I still haven’t redeemed my code” This leads me to believe that if your code is not redeemed within a certain amount of time, that it is sent directly to the Gamertag.

It is the 17th of December guys and I got my code like an hour ago.

Let this be a shard of hope for those of you who have given up. I know I pretty much did.

did you manage to get a post on the open thread in the forum? i saw it the day it was over and the thread was closed.

i’m not butthurt they bought into all the pre-order/special edition nonsense, but i’d be a lot more enthusiastic about the game if:

a. i didn’t feel like they were trying to nickel and dime me
b. every peak hours game wasn’t a lag-a-thon

I’m sick of all the spoiled kids (yes, kids, you act like kids, I’ll call you kids) who go “-Yoink!-” crazy because they didn’t receive their life-changing code…

Microsoft PAID for this game to be created/produced, they held back at nothing in order for us to enjoy another great game…

And before you reply, just ask yourself this… Which other company would actually give you the chance to get a FREE code for probably their biggest franchise? You got a FREE CODE!! And not only that, you also had temporary FREE ACCESS to the first Map Pack in order to somewhat compensate you for the inconvenience… So even when the Crimson DLC stops being free, you now have your precious code to work on your other specializations, others won’t even get this chance…


I will reply to your question with another question… What other company creates a level/perk/armor system that halts at level 70, (which is attainable in weeks, even days if a person commits enough) due to restrictions from the specializations that they coined as the spearhead addition to the game; the most advertised feature of the game?

You make it sound like the specializations are SUPPOSED to cost money.

What’s funny is that I bet you got yours. If you didn’t you’d be complaining as much as everyone else. People paid money for a whole new halo game, not part of a halo game.

Get off your high horse kid. If anything’s childish, it’s the fact that you, for some reason, need to take the time to let what you’ve attained the gall to generalize, in this case “spoiled kids”, be known to all in a totally irrelevant situation.

These “spoiled kids” expect that if people are going to fill Bungie’s shoes, they better respect the community more. Regardless of my newly received specialization, I’m still not satisfied with the appalling lack of communication with its fan-base that 343i has been providing. If Microsoft is on their back, they should let us know. Not follow the shepherd and stall with useless corporate messages.