Codes of collectors edition

Hi, I bought the steelbook of halo infinite but the problem is that the game never comes with the codes, there is other way to have those codes?

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There are no official Halo Infinite collectors editions, you’ll have to tell us which store you bought the game at for us to help you.

Generally speaking though, the codes are usually on a little pamphlet inside the game case, on the receipt from when you bought the game, or sent in an email from the store.

The only thing I heard of was the Halo Elite controller.

The Halo Series X didn’t even have a digital item.

OP, I may be way off the mark, but I think it is likely you are talking about the Zeta Sky Armor / BR coatings and the “Chosen” nameplate, as these are the bonuses I got for pre-ordering the Steelbook Edition here in the UK (process will obviously be different elsewhere). I got a code emailed to the email address I used to make the order, which I then had to redeem on Halo Waypoint. Those I have spoken to who ordered in store got their codes printed on a receipt when they went to collect their order. Hope this helps!