SRY but i must ask for a code, i cant get microsoft points where i live and i wont get any with my credit card so im asking for a code, i would give u some good feedback.

Unless BS Angel does another round, your in the same boat as everyone else.

As I have said before, asking will not make it more probable

I know


Try this code:


Should get you everything available on XBox Live.

Ok ok, I’m just kidding. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I ever had the chance to get a code for free. Everyone has their moments some day. Gotta keep your eyes peeled today and monday for codes.

Also, during or even after Tuesday, Bungie or 343i will give out codes. I remember for the Noble Map Pack, bungie gave out hidden codes after Noble Map Pack’s release. Like I said, you just gotta keep your eyes open.