Code Redemption History

The code redemption history isn’t working anymore. I suspect a coding error not allowing anything into 2022 to show up. My last redemption history stops on 12/30 which is when I last redeemed codes before today. I have redeemed 6 2XP codes so far today and nothing is showing up under the history tab. Can’t tell if it counted or not because I didn’t keep track of how many boosts I had before redeeming those codes today. Which is why this situation should be fixed ASAP, very important and i’m assuming a very quick fix. Please get it done, Thanks.

One would assume the most recent code would show up at the top of the redemption history list, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. So check your redemption history and go to the bottom of the list as 2022 entered codes are showing up at the bottom before 2021 entered codes. Odd? Yes, but the one and only code I have entered in 2022 was from today (1/4) and it is showing at the bottom of my list before any codes entered in 2021.

You’re correct! Thanks for sharing this information. I would never have seen it because I’ve redeemed so many codes I have to go 8 pages deep to see anything from this year. Glad I can at the very least have a record of what I’ve redeemed. They definitely need to fix this though as it’s extremely inconvenient. Although I suspect at the moment it’s not a huge problem for most people as I’ve redeemed hundreds of codes while the normal person has barely a handful.