Code of War is Recruiting New Members!

Code of War is currently recruiting new members to join our ranks and become a part of our storied history!

Code of War was founded back in Halo 2, and besides participating in a Bungie Humpday Challenge (and winning), was known as one of the most skilled and dedicated clans around. We pride ourselves in discipline, organization, and helping each other be the best players that we can be. Most importantly, we see ourselves as members of a family.

New members must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a microphone. - You must be at least 15 years old (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis). - Must be willing to play a variety of gametypes. (Most clan members prefer competitive settings, but playing with the clan is a priority. When we have big parties, we will play Warzone, BTB, Grifball, etc. Again, clan fellowship comes above all else) - Must have a desire to improve yourself and contribute to the clan as a whole. - Must be willing to make the clan a priority over non-members. - Must be able to play up to clan standards, including:

  • Good Communication - Good Attitude - Regular Play - Acceptable Skill LevelIf you feel that you’d be a good fit for Code of War, message myself, GodofDeathKB , or X Nigby X with the following application filled out:

  • Name & Gamertag: - Age: - Current Highest Rank (if unranked, use ranking from the season previous): - Describe yourself in 3-5 sentences: - Why you want to join Code of War:
    Code of War