Code for the 6 specialization classes

I accidentally deleted my brother’s message containing the code. I didn’t mean to, I was trying to scroll down and I accidentally pressed A on the controller and the only option that was available was delete. i was trying to click the square to read further down on the screen since it wouldn’t scroll down. Could he please get the message containing the code resent to him again? Thank you for your time.

I have a similar request…

Can you guys resend one to me as well? This time can you please send one that is VALID? Please and thank you. I would like equal treatment seeing as how I apply to this special offer, and I gave you guys my hard-earned money.

Also, can you fix my spartan?

Can you fix how slow the site is?

Can you make it so that I can see my halo 4 stats?

Can you make it so that your site shows my record instead of saying that I have never played the game?

And also, can you please make it so that all aspects of your site work on the two most popular web-browsers in the world?

I feel like such a tool for expecting all of that to work right off the bat. lol

Oh, and can you make it so that halo waypoint doesn’t freeze my xbox?

Thanks again.


I didnt get my code at all.

I deleted my specialization code before I could redeem it. I spoke with Microsoft and was advised to post in this forum.

Can you please resend the email