Code for completing the season 2 pass. Scam?

I remember that 343 was going to give a code to those who completed the season 2 pass, as I remember it was before the season started. Is it a mandela effect or did 343 scam us all?

They are giving a code just for completing the Battle Pass? Is there any chance you have a source/website for this? I tried looking it up and couldn’t find anything on what you are specifically talking about.


it was, but the tweet was deleted, im on the way back machine

I think if this was said there would have been a lot more “noise” about it not happenning.

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Definitely the Mandela effect.

If it was tweeted there’d be some sort of proof or conversation about it somewhere. Free stuff gets players pretty excited.

Post the Wayback Machine link if you do find anything

Edit: Found what you were probably talking about

Free download code for Marvel Morbius???
Stand back, guys. IT’S MORBIN TIME!

This is a parody Twitter account btw. They also made a joke about Halo Infinite selling NFTs that people also fell for. It’s not real. You got pranked. They didn’t even spell Morbius right.

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