After the pre halo five Guardians limited edition , to go in the departmental center are handed me the game and the cuja a code for having preventado , was likely to lose so I decided to get the phone, and enter the xbox product for which redeem the code , after having successfully exchanged , arriving at my house and turn the xbox did not appear the purchase or redemption of that code , call 2 times xbox support and they told me the first time I could be wrong in the state of xbox , calling the second look told me they could not do anything and serious thing to see with halo forums

Hmm. Are you sure you didn’t get the req pack though?

Maybe you opened it and just didn’t realize.

I am sure of twenty minutes of cangear the code and get home the Xbox was not connected to a discharge mode wintering , to connect and install the halo 5 update walked watching content on halo 5 on the Xbox and even a discharge time is something extra, and according to the Store was a sniper and a friend bought the same issue gave sword , sniper and some other things