Code 2 for beta did not work :(

I redeemed both codes via Xbox website and although the beta downloaded it will not allow me to play until the 29. Attempting to redeem via Xbox one tells me the code has been used. Everything I have been reading about the beta thus far seems amazing! 343 please send me another code. Pretty please?

You were meant to do it through your xbox one, so you sort of cocked it up for youself, looks likes you’re going to have to wait until the beta

Regardless, if this was a known issue, they should have at least specified it had to be redeemed solely via console. -_-

Console redemption is not necessary. I redeemed both my codes via the website. With instant on and auto downloads enables, everything was downloaded and ready for me getting home. You should contact the Preview Program forums on about your code issue, they should be able to help you out

Try going to “Manage Game” for the beta and see if there is a second tile that you can download/install