CoD has set the season progress bar

Does not meet player expectations. Making it too grindy will create exit points for myself and probably other players. If we aren’t able to progress, we will stop buying skins and move on to other games! Make it faster & comparable to COD!

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Also in quality I always thought the CoD skins and thinks that you get for the the season pass always were very good

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Isn’t CoD battle pass based solely on time played or has it changed since I played it?

Even after they fix the battle pass progression it wont really help the game.

Currently the amazing gameplay 343 have created is being tarnished by simply having a battle pass and a severe lack of customization due to restrictions with the way armor cores work

Without plenty of unlockables being available through a linear progression system like previous halo’s spartan rank system.

Battle passes are a cheap gimmick, monetization aside it is not healthy for the longevity of halo.

I believe CoD’s BP progress involves performance, challenges (daily, weekly, and seasonal), and time. Personally I love CoD’s battle pass system (MW2019, Cold War, Vanguard). I really hope 343 mirrors something closer to it.

The problem is that there aren’t any casual ranks to upgrade (recruit-general) while you grind the slower, separate battle pass.