Coatings should be cross core

Im sad and so angry that I keep getting amazing coatings that only work with the core I am not using.
Noble intercessor, cadet blue, are the same as noble principle. If you are going to extremely limit my coating usage at least try to award me with different color shaders than the default. Coatings, at the very least, need to be cross compatible if this core thing is going to stay.

Official outrage adding my strength to the numerous posts already about this issue. We want change!


The entire core system exists solely for monetization purposes, it’s super disappointing how open they are with this too, such as selling the same coating for multiple cores in the store

They created this problem and I sadly doubt they’ll amend the system, it’s working as intended for them.


Every mark V and mark VII colour, armor, visor etc. Should be cross core.

Event stuff can be an exception but those 2 should be a thing from the get go.

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