Coatings should be able to implemented on separate body parts

I thought 343i said this was the best version of armor customization for Halo to date in their multiplayer overview. If they really want to make coatings a grind and encourage self expression, at least have players choose where they want the armor color implemented from head, torso, left/right arms and legs?


From the few asymmetric/abstract coatings we do have, gotta admit I’m definitely not on board with this.


I actually do think this is (can be, should be) the best armor customization to date, but a the giant asterisk.

If we could see all the not-yet-released coatings and armor sets this game probably has on the back burner it’d blow all previous iterations out of the water (I believe). The problem is that everything is dramatically over segregated (emblems and coatings, for example, not applying across the board) and not enough items are on display for people to drool at.

Regardless tho, the permutations I see in game are still enjoyably varied and unique even at this early stage.

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Its just what they said in the multiplayer preview. They overtalked a lot. And its not even close to design.

  • 18 armor kits

  • 118 armor coatings (roughly)

  • 31 helmets

  • 37 helmet attachments

  • 58 visors

  • 38 shoulder pads

  • 7 gloves

  • 16 knee pads

  • 36 chest attachments

  • 6 wrist attachments

  • 13 utilities

  • 7 armor effects

  • 4 mythic sets

  • 10 weapon kits

  • 97 weapon coatings (roughly)

  • 40 weapon charms

  • 4 death effects

  • 10 weapon models

  • 68 vehicle coatings (roughly)

  • 10 vehicle models

  • 40 spartan stances

  • 31 backdrops

  • 147 emblems

  • 14 AI colors

  • 6 AIs

Adds up to a total of 866 customization options.

Too bad you’re only allowed access to 20-25% of that, even if you pay a bunch of money.
And 5% of that is just a bunch of emblems most likely

They could’ve blown other major f2p games out of the water if they (first, made the game run properly, had content at launch, and had a good f2p system)
But they decided to go for the cash grab, which hilariously backfired on them

If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Simple

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If it becomes a thing this is the route I’ll take.

Until it becomes a thing, I’ll stand opposed lol

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Why though? Like both of us said, if it comes, you don’t have to do it, what are you so opposed of?

I’m just not a fan of how it’ll look. There’s very little that’s ever removed from games, but there’s always the possibility of additions. Better to be preemptive than reactionary.

If you would’ve showed me some concept art for the visor color designs used in game, I would’ve voiced dissent. They’re in the game now, so there’s not much use voicing an opinion.

So in other words, your only argument against it is “I don’t want to see X in my game”

Ok buddy, lol

No rules against it :man_shrugging:

About as good as an argument as “we should have the ability to do it”.

It’s the equivalent of complaining about people wanting Infection in the game because you don’t like it.
No rules against it, no, but it doesn’t make much sense logically

Not really, it’s game mode you can circumvent and never have to interact with in your entire gameplay experience. The other is an unavoidable visual representation of a feature you may never use if hypothetically added to the game.

I don’t know why you’re badgering me to provide a deep meaningful stance on a thread with the only argument for the hypothetical feature being “we should have the option”.

Simple premise, met with a simple response.

  1. It would improve player’s freedom of customization
  2. It would improve the value of the coatings
    Your turn

So you would find it perfectly fine to complain about them adding back attachments if you didn’t like them?

You know what, forget it, you are making absolutely zero sense, lol

I’m good dude, I made my very simple opinion clear from my first response to the very simple opinion given.

You’re assuming a lot from my rather simple opinion.

If someone made a post about adding back attachments and someone disagreed they belonged, then yeah I don’t see a problem with the interaction.

Simple opinion statement, simple opinion response.

Just sticking to the K.I.S.S. Principle my guy.

I’m sorry if you want more from me, but this really isn’t a hill worth dying on.

I already suggested this, and agree.

My post. Remember to add the h to the URL.