Coatings section in the Store (HALO INFINITE)

The store from my point of view is very expensive, the prices of the armor are exaggerated and the colors or coatings are only for the Mark 7 and that creates a difficulty in finding the color you like in the armor you want. Solution: create a section in the store called “coatings” and you can buy whatever you want, and make them universal for all armor. Prices vary between coating rarity: Gray / Normal = 100 Halo Coins, Green / Frequent = 200 Halo Coins, Blue / Rare = 250 Halo Coins, Purple / Ultra Rare = 400 Halo Coins, Gold / Legendary = 500 Halo Coins. And that’s why I think it’s fairer and cheaper for everyone, rather than buying a single color pack that is just for the Mark 7.

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