Coatings... A Compromise

343: “We want everyone to build their dream spartan.”
After playing the game 6 months, I still have not been able to build my dream spartan. This has been inhibited by the lack of control I have over one of the most basic identifiers: Color.

The decision to move to the coating system was a big mistake. There is not a single coating in the game that I really want to use. I believe the artists behind the coatings are talented individuals, and that there is considerable effort into designing some of these coatings. However, it comes down to taste.

I believe there is a compromise to solve the need of players to freely express, as well as the need for 343/Microsoft to be able to make money from a free-to-play game.

Let coatings be locked behind a paywall, but change the format. Within a Coating, let the following be included: Color slot quantity, and placement. Then, let the player what colors fill those slots!

For example: The Scorpion Punch Coating would consist of 1 under suit color, 1 primary armor color, and one secondary color (cover right arm and helmet accent). Now let us control those colors! What if I want White with a charcoal arm? Or Black with cobalt arm?

Example 2: The Wild Kovan coating would consist of a camouflage pattern with 5 color slots, and an under suit color. You could by the coating for 5 bucks or whatever, and then choose to make that camouflage consist of 6 tones of red!

The same principle would apply to vehicle and weapon coatings.

Here’s another thing that could potentially be given to players to control: Battle Damage and Luster.

For example, offer the free option of battle damage of Worn. For premium options, you could have clean, battle hardened, scarred, etc. This would be an overlay on top of your armor, gun, vehicle, etc.

For Luster, you could offer the generic finish for armor, gun, vehicle, etc. For premium option you could offer matte, gloss, metallic, glitter, etc.

I just want to be able to choose my dang colors.


Yep. They could make a lot more money if they sold coatings and colour separately.

Sell the coatings as uncoloured (shaded of grey) that you add splashings of colours to (a colour wheel like they have now). You take a armour core, add a coating, and then splash it with the colour wheel.

If you want to change colours or put it on another core you have to earn/buy more coatings and splashes.