Coating for the maximum rank in H5. (Needs improvement)

I appreciate that you guys took into account those of us who reached the maximum rank in Halo 5.

But I think I’m not the only one disappointed in the rewards.

The coating does not look like what they originally showed. They showed us a platinum white that apparently shone, but the reality is different. It looks like one more gray, and the worst thing is that it looks like the default coating.

To be a reward for reaching the top rank, and also to be “legendary”, it just seems like an ordinary coating.

I can not put images for being new, but I think that several know what I mean.

Hope it looks better on December 8th. :blush: and tysm for the feedback, 343. :heart:


I agree, I don’t know why they would change it. It looked way better before.

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This discussion has been going around, I think I heard that Sketch or someone acknowledged that it isn’t showing up correctly. It’s bugged.