Coating for the maximum rank in H5. (Needs improvement)

I appreciate that you guys took into account those of us who reached the maximum rank in Halo 5.

But I think I’m not the only one disappointed in the rewards.

The coating does not look like what they originally showed. They showed us a platinum white that apparently shone, but the reality is different. It looks like one more gray, and the worst thing is that it looks like the default coating.

To be a reward for reaching the top rank, and also to be “legendary”, it just seems like an ordinary coating.

I can not put images for being new, but I think that several know what I mean.

Hope it looks better on December 8th. :blush: and tysm for the feedback, 343. :heart:


I agree, I don’t know why they would change it. It looked way better before.


This discussion has been going around, I think I heard that Sketch or someone acknowledged that it isn’t showing up correctly. It’s bugged.


Is it going to be possible to unlock the watchdog coatings after December 8th? Has it been addressed?

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Do you know if it’s possible to unlock it still after launch if we get to max rank in 5? I’m close but not quite there lol

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