Coagulation Halo 2 by Kyuubi Fox 9 "updated"

As above I have upated the map in all ways.

ramps are detailed
door ways detailed
inner base lift corrected
weapon/vehicles spawn times set

game types added

neutral assault
multi flag Ctf
1 flag Ctf

banshie - 30 seconds now 90 seconds
wraith - 30 seconds now 90 seconds
warthog - 30 seconds now 45 seconds
mongoose - 30 seconds now 20 seconds
ghost - 30 seconds now unchanged

sniper Rifle - 30 seconds now 90 seconds

PLasma launcher - Removed
Rocket launcher - 90 seconds with 6 shoots

my file share contains 3 pictures of the updated map and 2 vids.

vid 1
shows all features and weapons on the map

vid 2
gameplay of map starts off 3v4 then transitions to other amounts increasing within time to 4v5
I left team changing on so any third partys could opt for any team to balance the game in this vid.

This map is a must have for all halo 2 finatics as it is but souly for an exact remake of the map and is completly shaped and sized for the actual experiance.

here is a link to my bungie file share

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as many services as you can please provide them to promote the map to mm.

Click here to visit my Fileshare

Sorry I couldn’t bare looking at the ugly URL code.

thanks thats actually very helpful something I still can’t figure out yet