Co-op Progress Loss Xbox One

On the Xbox One whilst playing Co-op on heroic, twice now, After beating the level and during the end mission cut scene and before the actual Score screen on missions 3 and 10, (Though it may happen on others) there has been a tiny little blip of a connection loss, for like 2 seconds, (as by the time it loads to menu connection is back) where upon the game does not count the mission as beaten let alone the difficulty so playing it again on say easy just to catch back up is not possible. This is Very Frustrating as My friend and I have spent like 2 hours playing the levels which then require replaying the levels. There needs to be some way You guys can make it record progress like maybe save it before the cut scene then load said cut scene?

My Gamer tag is Valcadus, We are playing in North America, and the 2 times it has happened to us has been between 1AM and 4AM GMT

I’ve hadn’t and a similar issue. 5th attempt now and he plays along while my screen is frozen. He even finished, achievements and all while I was frozen. Bloody frustration. Surprised they haven’t given you a response.