Co-op is unplayable

I recently got my friend halo 2, since he cannot really afford the whole MCC, I got him halo 2 since we have history with it together. So we decided to play the campaign for the first time in years and… Not even 3 missions in and we had to reload the entire mission… Twice.
We couldn’t complete even half of the game by the time we gave up. Near the end of the heretic banshee chase we crashed and we didn’t have the enthusiasm to continue.
Keep in mind this has happened in 2 different games, with 2 different people, 1 was from a different country and the other lives just streets away. We switched hosts, still the same issues.
We don’t have bad internet and as far as I know, co-op online issues have been present since the original games.
Please fix this, there are posts dating back to the last 2 years about this issue, but all you did that was good was fixing halo 3’s netcode and adding a custom game browser. The rest you did was add pointless cosmetics. Please fix this.


I’m totally with you there on the horrible co-op experience, i’ve made plenty of posts about this on the old Halo Waypoint forum. This is an issue with every halo campaign on MCC especially with H3 (if you all don’t lock your framerate to 60) and with h2 (where there is no known fix). It seems like right now h2 campaign is at it’s worst, for me it disconnects the co-op session even when I make my laptop on a second account join (in the same house ofc). In addition h2 missions take FOREVER to load (it takes longer for these missions to load with each update) and switching the graphics from classic to anniversary or the other way around is almost a guaranteed disconnect in co-op.

Although it is a possibility that it’s an issue with your internet, I’ll just say right now that I went through 3 different internet providers with fibre speeds, devices being wired in ofcourse, moved houses, and made plenty of hardware changes even using completely different PC’s and the h2 disconnects are just as they always were, present and infuriating.

I do want mention, that h2 campaign co-op was actually at it’s best (BY A LONG SHOT) during the h2 flight on PC, not a single disconnect with my friend back then even though I live in Europe and he lives on the west coast where we have 200ms ping in-between each other by default, also during that “flight” we were able to toggle between classic and anniversary graphics instantaneously without the game freezing.

People have been asking for the net code fix for years now, but apparently it would take 6 months to rewrite the netcode of each halo game, if that was the case, had this been addressed when there were major complaints, it would have already been fixed for all halo games.


It’s a massive shame.
May I ask, what part of Europe do you live in?
I am asking this because I live in Eastern EU and when I queue for multiplayer on some of the most crowded games (H3, H4, H: R) and some of the most crowded game modes (BTB, 4V4 BR Slayer and CTF), It takes forever. When infinite launched I was excited but a little dissapointed that the game was so sweaty and fast, nothing like the old games so I wanted to play reach for a while.
Each attempt had me waiting 40 mins for one game (sometimes 40 mins until I gave up searching cause that was my limit).
I know Infinite is a new and popular game, but the fact that waiting this much happened before (during early to mid 2020 and mid 2021) , it led me to believe that it is due to my region.
I say this because I barely found a H3 4v4 match the other day, but on the 360 I could find a 5v5 game quicker and with chattier people (although not less lag I’m afraid).
I think MCC has got players to fill an entire tennis stadium but for some reason my region is preventing my games to be filled.


West, the UK. Unfortunately that’s how it is for EU halo players, around US timezones is where there will be the most players, but even then those players will typically filter out EU servers so they can have a better connection between each other.

Halo is much more popular in the US, a good way to see that is simply looking at the steamcharts, during EU primetimes theres 2x less players than US, and with infinite its even worse, yeah steamcharts doesn’t account for everyone, only people who play through steam, but is a valid source to draw conclusions from because it still shows thousands of players, that fact would not magically change if you add people who play through xbox/gamepass.

All that does not mean however, that it should take you 40 minutes to find a match. Here is a list of things that may affect how long it takes you to find games:

-The time that you’re playing at
-The gamemodes/halo games you’re searching (h3 is by far the most popular, whenever i have halo 3 selected it mainly finds games there)
-Input based matchmaking
-Platform based matchmaking
-Server Filters in the in-game network settings
-Your NAT Type

If you only have North Europe and West Europe servers selected, with input based matchmaking and platform based matchmaking on, and you happen to be a KBM player like myself, you can sit there all day trying to find a game.

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I commented about this on another thread, but my friend and I have had the same issue.

We played through Reach and CE without a single issue.

We started up 2 and it’s unplayable. Constant crashes in multiple different missions.

This is the second time we have played through Halo 2. The first time, over a year ago, we had no issues.


Me and the same friend played reach and that was almost unplayabe, it is both 343 and bungie’s fault: Bungie had this issue since halo 3, coop on legacy halo 3 was full of input delays and constant lag and booting. It all carried over to mcc, where it is 343’s fault for not fixing these decade old issues (7 year old issues on MCC alone)


Yep still an issue years later. It likely won’t ever get fixed or even addressed by 343. Modern gaming!

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Still bugged. Can’t play with friend in europe :frowning:

2022 and same issues here… and later MS want us to trust 343i is going to revive the saga, and not even the great Master Chief Collection works properly many years after release.


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I haven’t tried online campaign in a year or so; but when I did horrible lag for all but host. I’ve never had a good campaign experience online. It’s a shame as I still dream of doing 4 player coop on H3.

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Game keeps crashing. My friend and I live in the same city. Can’t play co-op campaign at all either.

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Made 3 friends get the game for coop campaigns and multi and legit disconnects randomly throughout the missions. I have done everything from netsh teredo command prompts, downloading group policy editor, etc to fix my NAT to open. All that was fixed and I’ve arrived on the idea that Halo2/3 campaigns are actually not fixable and will continue to disconnect randomly. Awesome.

No wonder they added scarab gun skull and acrophobia to fly around like the oracle. Probably won’t get credit for mission completion, but you’ll get to see a cutscene at the expense of a modded halo experience.

Halo 3’s netcode is still stupidly broken. I’ve just introduced a friend to Halo, it’s their first time ever, and we’re going through the playlist… They’re host, because the input delay in 1 and 2 are abysmal at the best of times…
Halo 3? Yeah we couldn’t even get it to run more than 0.5 frames per second, that’s how expletive censorship bad it was.

I remember 343i giving some BS excuse about it taking too long to fix, so they won’t do it… Well, that was like 5 years ago now… If they just put a single dev on this 5 years ago, they’d have at least fixed 1 game’s netcode.

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Ya it really sucks it’s still broken so long after launch. A friend and I found we would crash less if we destroyed covenant vehicles as little as possible, we still crashed but this method allowed us to finish and crash less often.

Lmao so the game will boot you if you play it how it was meant to be played? Nice 343

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Had a solo lobby lagging horribly earlier. That’s a first.

Just curious, could you play campaign co-op via LAN on the original Halos and MCC and basically get the best of online and split-screen or was co-op just split-screen and online?

Same exact thing here man, except I bought it all for them for Christmas, safe to say only MP is ever played.

I still can’t finish Halo 2 legendary coop because it just doesn’t work. What are they waiting to fix this. It has been going on for months.

it’s been broken for ages, it’s one feature of the mcc they just can’t be bothered to fix.

fix anything else but co-op.

i just think they want to phase out co-op because it doesn’t make any money.

hence cutting splitscreen from infinite and taking ages to add network co-op.

screams we don’t care about co-op.