I need some help finishing the last few achievements for CO-OP legendary difficulty!! Who else needs to do these?! I have no friends playing this game. send me a friend request or a message and we can get it done ASAP!!

GT: j ray707

i sent u a message on you XBL waiting for your replay

GT BLOOD 0F GANON i will help you with your legendary…

SWEET! lets do it right now if u can…i couldnt find my old post, but ill jump on live right now

I don’t see a message on LIVE from you, so i just sent you a friend request

it just told me your friend list is full and you cant accept anymore…can you delete one?

Ive beat it, pretty east with 2 people. I tried to do a mission online a few times co-op but the game lags really bad for me and makes it impossible.