Co-op Frame Rate Issues/Lag


Ive been playing halo MCC campaigns the last couple months couch co op and network co op with my nephew both us use xbox series x

halo 2 was lagging really bad when playing couch co op the fram rate was shocking

today we played ODST over xbox live co op and it was unbearable how much the frames were dropping or how bad the lagging was!

I dont remember the MCC being that bad a few years ago when playing co op!

What has happened?!

Are other people experiencing this?!

You could try playing on FHD resolution.

We are both playing on a 4k t.v and settings are at the default in game 4k 60fps still having issues but thanks for the suggestion seen lots of websires talking about this issue but sadly 343 have not fixed this! Some claim it only started after certain updates were released others say its been there since the MCC released