Co-op campaigns very difficult to play?

The game is in a major state of disarray but some people still seem to be able to play co-op fine from what I’ve seen. I’ve had several friends say to me that playing co op wasn’t all that bad and they just experience a little lag and perhaps a small fps drop once in awhile.

When I try and play any of the 4 games in Co-op the framerate is very bad (probably 10-20fps depending on the game) and the bullet lag is horrendous to a point where it is a struggle to hit targets. Is this the case for most people or just a few? I have 20mbps and 3mbps upload so that shouldn’t cause this many issues. I have tried it with friends who have even better connection than that as well.

From what I’ve played, Halo: CE most noticeably has bullet lag rather than frame rate issues. If I’m on the back of a warthog using the turret, the bullets come out at a 90 degree angle from where I’m aiming if I were to keep spinning the turret to one direction on the default look sensitivity. I’d say its a good half a second behind. I still experience framerate issues as well but that part is manageable.

Halo 2 I have both bullet lag and frame rate issues. The gameplay constantly stutters and the bullet lag is almost as bad as Halo:CE but not quite.

Halo 3 has the most noticable drops in framerate. The game constantly plays at a very mediocre framerate (probably 15fps) and it took 3 of us almost one hour to complete a 22 minute mission after we looked at the postgame. The game timer went up at such a slow pace and it just wasn’t enjoyable at all to play. The bullet lag is almost non existent though which is a plus I guess…

Halo 4 I haven’t spent much time in for co-op because I already beat solo legendary but it still experiences all of the above.

I don’t want to go through all of the campaigns solo because they just drag on and co-op is much more enjoyable. I really want to go for achievements though but the game is nearly impossible to play with anoyone else. A lot of the effort is being focused on matchmaking but the co-op campaign is just as bad. I’m still going to give it time though, I just want to hear some of your feedback on the issues.