Co-op Campaign Scoring Changed?

So my friend and I have been playing through the campaign missions and trying to get par scores, and up until tonight we have been rather successful. Before today, our scores would be pooled and if we made it above par score together, we would both end up getting the achievement for it. But tonight when we tried playing, our scores no longer pooled, not even at the end of the mission, and it was just applying the party leaders score to both people in the party. WHAT HAPPENED??? Is this another bug that just came up or is this something that came about because of the latest update? Anyone know?

Is anyone else having this issue?

So are you saying that until recently you and you partners score would add together to make your final end of mission score? And now its not? because that shouldnt of been happening anyways. if you play online sometimes scores arent shared, and become slightly different, but have never been pooled together as your saying.

Yeah the update drastically changed team scoring for the worse.