Co-Op Campaign Really Laggy?

Me and my buddy tried to play some campaign earlier, and he was extremely leggy, as in unplayable. We switched hosts, and the same happened, but I’m fine! We play matchmaking with no issues what so ever, but I was just wondering if any of you are having the same problem?

Yep. Same issue. My mate and I actually took a day off to play the campaign over xbox live and we couldnt. waste of a day off. we tried it a few days later hoping it was just launch day issues, same thing. And whats worse is when the lag gets really bad one of us gets kicked back to the lobby and cant join unless you restart the level. I’ve played the first 2 levels about 10 atimes already because of this lag issue.

My brother and I noticed this issue in Spartan Ops - sounds exactly the same. We can matchmake just fine but for some reason the co-op stuff has a noticable delay. We noticed it when playing on the same xbox and on seperate ones.