Co-op Campaign Question

Since Halo:CE states that it will have co-op over live. How many players though? Usually a Halo game has 4 players besides 1 & 2. On the marketplace it states that it is infact 1-2 co-op over live. Is there 4 player or 2 player co-op?

The original Halo:CE was only 2 player split screen so I’m 99% sure that it is 2 player coop over live…

It’s two players for one screen.

For the online co op experience, you will need to find three other players that are not on a split screen.

Correct me if i am wrong because i am not 100 percent sure about online co op.

Halo:CE Anniversary does state that there is Co-op over live. As said in the trailer. But Im wondering if its 4 players or just 2.

From the title info, I’m still 99% sure it’s 2 player. The live info 2-16 relates to the mutliplayer… I checked the title info here:

I believe in either a g4 interview or comic con interview Frankie stated that it was only 2 player over live. No 4 player co op due to the original not supporting 4 player co op and it would ruin the balance of the game.