Co-Op Campaign MatchMaking

I like the Campaign, a lot. I enjoy Playing this playlist… A lot

But I am sick a tired of every scrub that goes “OmGZ, I have no skill what so ever, I MUST vote for normal” And the worst part is. The other two guys are to idle to vote anything… to the one guy voting for normal always win’s

I think the playlist needs to be changed so that it goes. That way normal doesn’t have that good of a chance to win unless 3 people wan’t it. When it’s a tie vote of 1v1 or 2v2 the harder one should win.

Voting options~ Legendary.
None of the Above.

If it was always legendary at the top, almost no one would play due to frustration. If it was always none of the above though well then at least you could try getting something else that people would be more willing to play on legendary.

Most people don’t even vote for legendary, They vote for all the other, But normal is more common.

Really, the people voting for normal 9 times out of 10 are really bad players. REALLY bad players.

they die a at least a good 6 times a game, on NORMAL.

Heroic is more of a challenge with less of the stress of Legendary.

Like I said. I am just tired of normal winning the vote because only me & 1 other guy ever vote, He votes for normal, I vote for None of the above, or Heroic. He wins vote.\

Then dies 20 times and rage quits