Co op campaign flighting?

When does the coop campaign flighting begin? Did anyone get invited?


No date yet, but its supposed to be somewhere in July


I’m already in the Flights program so I hope I am in.

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Im not sure how it will work considering that splitscreen will only come 1 or 2 seasons later.
Will there be some sort of button to browse for pending games (like a custom browser for campaign)?
Are we gonna have to look for invitations in the xbox club?
Will the enemies be buffed considering the 4 player limit?

My guess is that it will be akin to Borderlands, where enemy stats and their numbers will be adjusted for each encounter depending on the player count.

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I look forward to it…

Is coop campaign flighting not gonna feature couch coop? Like 2 players on one console?

Couch co-op is supposed to come at a later date.

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Road map said couch coop in Nov.

Damn that blows. Why is couch co op coming after online coop? Idk how thats harder

It actually creates alot of performance concerns.

With network you have a dedicated device per player. So processing is the same as normal. You could even have the players split up and just send their world state back and forth to keep synced.

With couch, processing power is now split between 2 players. This leads to increased load of what needs to be rendered, as well as possibly tethering to keep the active worldapace the usial size.

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Didnt think about this; but that makes a ton of sense