Co op campaign crashes

So I gave it a chance, but everyone kept. Crashing out of the campaign we had to restart several times because there is no Join in progress.

I use tier skips on the BP, and yea don’t care for forge campaign co op seems scuff still,

Guess I’ll wait till march

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Imagine delaying co-op campaign for a year only for it to suddenly crash so frequently once you actually release it and then removing join-in progress as a result. Couldn’t even be me.
Yet another reason why I am keeping this game permanently deleted.

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Dude for me This update brought nothing of real interest to have me play until March. I could barely find a match the game would bug out and not load stuff and freeze up. Than co op is bugged.

I used Tier skips I had left over to unlock the battlepass till level 30.

Like idk man maybe season 3 will be ok but for now this game has me bored playing the match I was actually able to find.